Albatross’ Vision

Albatross is dedicated to creating a visual image for each of its clients, using a winning combination of stills, video, aerial and ground photography along with documentary content. From the beginning, Albatross’ founders, photo artist and publisher Duby Tal and Moni Haramati, one of the most senior flight photographers in Israel, have brought their unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism and innovation to each and every project. Albatross believes in contributing to the State of Israel and, through our books, movies, and many collaborative efforts with artists, researches and other organization, we bring a vibrant message of love for our country.

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Albatross – A History of Documentation

Albatross has been living and breathing photography for over 25 years and our name is synonymous with innovation and creativity in all areas of professional photography.  Albatross is especially known for its tremendous contribution to promoting Israel’s images and landscapes throughout the world through its celebrated book series, “Skyline” the film series, “Aerial Odyssey,” which was broadcast on the international National Geographic channel; and the wide-ranging documentation of Israel’s greatest projects over the past few years.

Areas of Activity


Helicopter and drone aerial photography; documentary ground photography; artistic photography; photographic solutions combining advanced technologies and tools for back-up, saving, management and viewing.


production of large-scale documentary series (for PBS, National Geographic, and others) as well as specialization in production of project, corporate films and marketing films, network advertising and video performances.

The Value of Working with Albatross

Monitoring and Supervising Capacities

Aid in monitoring and decision making from afar through continuous documentation

Aid in monitoring progress at different time-intervals

Support for security divisions – Monitoring of roads, paths, approaches, particular entrances and exits

Support for operational divisions engaged in quality control

Professional media-related services

Professional services to media and TV and provision of professional services to spokespersons and marketing personnel

Documentation and Archives

Documentation of landscape restoration and ecological projects

Follow-up on completion according to plans and time-schedule

Provision of filmed evidence to support legal and insurance proceedings

Management of archives and professional catalogue of photographs available throughout the process of documentation, including retrieval of and access to materials

Production and visual communication

Production of a full complement of products throughout the process of the project

Presentations, marketing videos for conferences and exhibitions, project books, fairs and photos to accompany project implementations and other print products


Collections and artist books

collections of Duby Tal’s photographs from around the world

Project and promotional books

Project and promotional books for documentation and marketing

Photography and travel books

Photography books about the Land of Israel

Photo Archive

Collection of our photographs, including high-quality video and stills for use and inclusion in any project.

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