The Albatross brand is synonymous with high quality aerial photography from a helicopter. However, our capabilities are deployed throughout the range of tools and photography techniques available in the market. We are absolutely not limited to helicopter shots; the documented project and the customer's requirements dictate what tools will be used: helicopter, drone, designated Time Lapse cameras, video or cinema cameras, fast or slow gears, and more.

There is no photographic tool or technique that we do not master, and we employ expert photographers of every kind.


Aerial photography by helicopter

It is true that in recent years the drone revolution has shuffled the cards in the aerial photography market and changed the market from end to end. Theoretically, today any child with some free time and some technical sense can fly a drone and take photos.

But one should not forget that classic and fine quality aerial photography is still helicopter-based. When you seek the highest quality product and uncompromising photography, there is no substitute for an experienced and professional photographer.

Aerial photography by drone

Those who know us, right away tend to think that our aerial photography is limited to using a helicopter – which is obviously a mistake. We have been using drones for several years, already during the first drone photography period.

Our aerial photography array is wide and covers the whole spectrum of photography ranges and flight heights, and of course the drones have a place of honor within our aerial photography array.

Photography of Infrastructure projects

The first step in every project we document is photography. Complex and long-term project documentation requires the arrival for dedicated photography days according to the project progress and around major events in the field. As a company specializing in photography for over 25 years, led by quality and professionalism, we have always provided our clients with high quality stills and video photographs at immediate availability.

Real Estate Photography

Albatross specializes in providing photography solutions for real estate projects of any type and size. Over the last three decades, Albatross has gained extensive experience, and knows how to provide a solution to the most complex documentation projects in the field of infrastructure and real estate.

Artistic photography

Many projects managed by Albatross are planned out of the thought about the right artistic concept that will be used as an envelope throughout the shooting and the production. The project of the first gas raft in Israel was photographed under the creative concept "Making History" – in the course of the shooting, great effort was made to tell the story of the raft as a multiplayer epic and monumental act. At the end of the project, a photo exhibition under the same concept was curated with a series of fascinating collages currently on display at Noble Energy's offices.

Photographer: Duby Tal

Landscape photography

Albatross operates under the management of the artist and landscape photographer Duby Tal. His works, which were awarded many prizes, were presented in many exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. His artistic work greatly affects Albatross' concept of professionalism and strives for excellence not only in the technological field but also in the aesthetic and creative fields. Today, Albatross is the largest home of Israeli landscape photography in all its diversity, from the picturesque and rare photographs of Jerusalem, through the spectacular scenery of the Dead Sea and Masada to the series of abstract and enigmatic photographs so identified with the artist's unique language. The Company customers greatly benefit from Albatross' extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of exhibitions and most innovative print productions in Israel.

Time Lapse

Albatross has been a leader in providing Time Lapse-based photo solutions - long-term photography. This photography technique may be roughly divided into short-term Time Lapse – which allows the creation of clips documenting a sequence of several moment and up to several days, and long-term Time Lapse, which allows to create clips that document a period of time ranging from a few weeks to several years (for example - construction of a tower built over 3 years is documented on a daily basis; at the end of the project you can see in a clip of a few seconds the tower being built from scratch).

We know how to provide comprehensive technological solutions and a daily service for each Time Lapse project.

Photography for television and film productions

Albatross's expertise in aerial photography and directing has been expressed over the years in providing aerial photography, directing and consulting services for television and film productions produced in Israel, among them:

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