Albatross has a long history of commercial successes with many book series published in the areas of art photography and books of the Land of Israel. The first book in the mythological series called Skyline, found in almost every Israeli home, was published in 1990. Since then, more than ten books have been in the series have been published which, to date, has sold over 600,000 copies.


our bestsellers

  • סדרת "קו האופק" – תשעה כרכים המספרים את סיפורם של אזורים שונים בארץ בצילום אווירי ובטקסטים.
  • "Flights into Biblical Archaeology"   –  ספר ההיסטוריה והארכיאולוגיה של ישראל שיצא בשיתוף רשות העתיקות ונחשב למוביל מסוגו בעולם
  • "בשביל השירים" – חיבור של צילום נוף לאורך שביל ישראל והשירה העברית לדורותיה
  • "ספר קטן – ארץ גדולה" ה Gadget החדש שלנו

Travel Books

The huge database of ground and aerial images of the Land of Israel is the basis of the creation of the Travel series which includes:

  • A Beautiful Land (co-published with Mapa)
  • Childhood Journey (co-published with Am Oved)
  • Beyond the Mountains of Darkness (by Eliezer Yaari)
  • B’Shvil Hashirim, a compilation of scenic views along the Israel National Trail accompanied by all time favorite songs of the Land of Israel.

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Artist's books

A collection of landscape photographs taken in Israel and around the world photographed by Duby Tal
  • Terra – A collection of landscape photographs that explores the fine line between the concrete and the abstract.
  • Alaska, Nepal, Tajikistan and Iceland – are a series of limited edition travel books that express the ultimate reflection of the elaborate and breathtaking landscapes of these distant lands.

Project Books

Albatross edits, produces and publishes books featuring the construction process of large-scale project in the areas of energy and infrastructure.
The production of the book marks the completion of the ongoing documentation process, which includes all phases of the project through text and photographs. It also serves as a beautiful gift to developers, contractors and stakeholders in the fields of government and regulation.

The Azrieli Center, Tamar project, and the Sharon Park are just some of the ventures for which we’ve published project books.


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